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Skyen i praksis, smidig2010 skaleres med scrollbar!

Her skal jeg fortelle deg om noe helt fantastisk, som bør forandre synet ditt på IT og hvordan systemer kan lages. Smidig2010.no er blandt 80000+ webapplikasjoner på heroku. På populært buzznorsk er det cloud computing, eller server i “skyen”. Det … Continue reading

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Part 1. Deploying to experimental, :at => local

I’d like to share my workflow, as it has proven efficient for me. I’m running two ‘servers’ locally (!). Hang on, I said it was efficient, even though it surely doesn’t sound like it. The workflow should gain teams of … Continue reading

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A basic GIT guide for the SVN user

old post. I needed more git info today (18.mar-2010) and found this great wiki! http://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/GitCheatSheet I know there’s been written a lot about this, but either way I’ve found it so hard to switch from subversion and keep mixing stuff! … Continue reading

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