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Sharing My Burndown and Burnup Excel Sheet

(Edit: 17 th august 2009 recap of this post) In this article, you’ll find links to download my burn down/up graphs as xls-sheets also containing formulas for analysis of a given iteration/sprint. It’s been developed in an agile matter, continuously … Continue reading

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Birth Date with Jaxb and XMLGregorianCalendar

Lots of googling and frustrated colleagues and no solution to represent a simple birth date without minutes and seconds. In short, jaxb always uses XMLGregorianCalendar to represent dates, how to represent the birth date as 1980-01-01 instead of 1980-01-01T00:00:00.000+01:00

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Fødselsdato fra fødselsnummer

Til min store frustrasjon, fant jeg ikke noen kode på nettet som dro ut fødselsdatoen fra et fødselsnummer. Det er verre enn det høres ut, med 18., 19. og 20. århundre, D-numre og H-numre. Men jeg fant denne siden reading

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