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Rubykurs i Norge – Ruby er entreprenørspråket!

Ruby er entreprenørspråket. Vi kjører på med rubykurs for å bidra til fremdriften i Norge. I USA støvsuges markedet for rubyister, det er veldig mange startups. rubykurs.no Continue reading

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Pros and cons: In-House Servers vs Cloud Computing

Why and when In-house, Cloud (amazon aws, rackspace, heroku) ? Presenting a thorough pro and con list to help people understand the differneces, strenghts and weaknesses Continue reading

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Ruby – Secure staging environment of your public app from users and bots

learn about how to activate http header authentication for staging environment. Continue reading

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Spawning Multiple Threads at Heroku Using Parallel

Figure out the whys yourself. Here’s the how! I’ve got the question in the rake task ” Q: Does spawning threads at heroku work? “. Well this is what running the rake task at heroku answered me I ran 4 … Continue reading

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I Love Ruby! Part 1 of ∞? 10.times, run my tests

I had an integration test suite and thought “hmm, I’d like to run rake test ten times and study the logs and New Relic montoring results”. A few seconds later and why not print out the local execution time as … Continue reading

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Skyen i praksis, smidig2010 skaleres med scrollbar!

Her skal jeg fortelle deg om noe helt fantastisk, som bør forandre synet ditt på IT og hvordan systemer kan lages. Smidig2010.no er blandt 80000+ webapplikasjoner på heroku. På populært buzznorsk er det cloud computing, eller server i “skyen”. Det … Continue reading

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Rails 2.3+ template for creating new projects

I’ve been working with ruby on rails for the last few months and it’s been lots of ups and downs to me. It’s a learning curve and you just have to stand tall through the first frustrating weeks cursing the … Continue reading

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Tired of Spring MVC/WebFlow, JSP or JSF?

What are you waiting for? You know they’re crap, move on or get over it! Get over it and be a miserable person for the rest of your life. Move on and never look back, become productive and a happy … Continue reading

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