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Tired of Spring MVC/WebFlow, JSP or JSF?

What are you waiting for? You know they’re crap, move on or get over it! Get over it and be a miserable person for the rest of your life. Move on and never look back, become productive and a happy … Continue reading

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Methodology blindess

If you’re not yet using agile methodologies and TDD, please please do, it’s really the way to go. To those of you who does, don’t hide behind it. Don’t get methodology blind! Please stop confusing ¬ędo the simplest thing that … Continue reading

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C# 3.0 language features

The language is made smart, and I can’t resist also pointing out a new ingenious language feature of C# 3.0 introduced to me at MSDN Live. var result = new {myText=”some string”, myInteger=12345, myClass=new MyClass()} The code snippet will create … Continue reading

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Linq, writing sql in C# ?

27.aug I attended MSDN Live in Oslo. Although mainly a java and open source developer, I’ve worked with ASP.NET 2.0. I used Visual Studio 2005 and web parts, so I do have, if not a leg, at least a few … Continue reading

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Book: Integration Patterns

This 400p Microsoft 2004 book covers patterns and practices of system integration. The chapters are fairly independent. As long as you know the terms of integration patterns and solution, you may start reading at any chapter. I chose this book … Continue reading

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Finally, I’m a blogger! (for better or for worse)

As I currently have a lot of free time on my hands, I’m finally able to start my too-longly-planned blog. I’ll give my best to keep it short and concise, while writing enough to make it worth while reading! When … Continue reading

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