Masters of Informatics, but this is the real deal:

I have 8+ apps in the cloud, at heroku and I run two small businesses.

What am I interested in?

  • Coaching. Agile coaching and ruby coaching. Because I love it.
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship. If you have a great idea, I can help you realize it.

Update 5th may 2011: I’m currently in a long-term commitment, for minimum 30 hours a week over the next year. I’ve got plenty to do the remaining hours, but you know, you never know! I have a lot of capacity. I’ll be in the US from sep-nov 2011.

If you found all this interesting, I’ve written some more below.


I value the following in others and myself

  • self-managed. Working in a push rather than pull manner. In other words, pushes status to project lead or co-workers frequently (“tells”), rather than co-workers having to pull information (“asks”).
  • asks questions to clarify tasks rather than to guess
  • commitment, enthusiasm
  • Innovative. Suggests others/new means of doing things. Express my professional opinion, even when not asked for.
  • Kaizen. I’m committed to continuous improvement of myself.

Sure, I know SCRUM, but it’s not a very agile process in my opinion.

My agile values are

  • continuous thinking
    • reflecting over both the short- and long-term, alternating focus between details and vision.
  • continuous prioritization.
    • New information is a good thing and should be encouraged! Any new intel will be considered and weighed against other tasks
  • getting frequent and unfiltered feedback.
    • Poor design, defects etc should not be filtered by 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of support. Make the software unambiguous, apply A/B testing for real user feedback.
  • no hand-overs.
    • I handle my own migrations and deploys, cache and scale the app. How can a developer be senior without knowing this stuff?
  • KISS, Keep it simple, stupid. There is too much waste in our business, developing software, please stop it!

Moving away from my soft qualifications, these are my

Technical qualifications:

  • Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2
  • Rails 3
  • PostgreSQL, MySql, Sqlite3.
  • MongoDB (both mongoid and mongomapper) document dbs/key value stores , looking into couchDB.
    • test::unit, shoulda, rspec, webrat, cucumber
    • mocha
    • factory_girl (instead of the dreadful fixtures)
  • DDD  (true OO)
  • memcached
  • varnish
  • RESTful Web Services, SOAP if I have to (using savon)
  • monitoring with New Relic
  • capistrano, nginx/passenger, ubuntu, heroku
  • basic html/css/js

I’ve been doing java for a long time and was a spring and hibernate expert, but this is a thing of the past to me.

Contact me at ole.morten.amundsen at gmail