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My go at deploying to the cloud, EC2. It’s not *that* easy

I don’t have much server background, and probably its a lot easier to set up your servers with amazon EC2 than setting them up yourself or at other hosting solutions. I don’t care, it really annoys me that everybody claims … Continue reading

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Part 2: local clients pushing data to local server with RESTful web services

It’s really easy! But only when you know how! Like most stuff is. I was completely confused at the beginning. What does RESTful web services mean? It’s just a convention. You access the web services almost as you would access … Continue reading

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Part 1. Deploying to experimental, :at => local

I’d like to share my workflow, as it has proven efficient for me. I’m running two ‘servers’ locally (!). Hang on, I said it was efficient, even though it surely doesn’t sound like it. The workflow should gain teams of … Continue reading

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