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Rails 2.3+ template for creating new projects

I’ve been working with ruby on rails for the last few months and it’s been lots of ups and downs to me. It’s a learning curve and you just have to stand tall through the first frustrating weeks cursing the … Continue reading

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Sharing files and folders in windows should be easy

And, yes, it is (sometimes). In XP, right click a folder, select “Sharing and security” (no: Deling og sikkerhet), then check the box “Share this folder on the network” (no: Del denne mappen på nettverket”, select a sharename. Everything seems … Continue reading

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A basic GIT guide for the SVN user

old post. I needed more git info today (18.mar-2010) and found this great wiki! I know there’s been written a lot about this, but either way I’ve found it so hard to switch from subversion and keep mixing stuff! … Continue reading

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Jeg leier bolig, men ønsker IKKE kollaps i boligmarkedet!

Et innlegg utenom det vanlige fra denne ellers så tekniske bloggen min. Dette er et unntakstilfelle, jeg føler altså så mye for temaet at jeg ikke klarer å la være. Jeg leier bolig og ønsker ikke kollaps i boligmarkedet! Jeg … Continue reading

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