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De Kontinuerlige

Jeg elsker å lage programvare! Jeg vil levere forretningsverdi effektivt over tid. Jeg ønsker å dele med deg, mine tanker om hva som skal til. Denne bloggposten dreier seg om kontinuerlig prosesser, hvilke jeg føler er viktigst og hva de … Continue reading

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KANBAN and SCRUM, combined!

Development and maintenance should be done by the same people, it should not be divided and conquered. Why? It’s one product/system! After the first release (it’s all about TTM, isn’t it) you have maintenance, but you’ve only finished a small … Continue reading

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Smidig2008 – smidig gjennomført

Smidig2008 was a conference about agile methodolog, as was Smidig2007. I participated in organizing them both and we repeated our success from last year, expanding from 300 to 450 participants. I’ll continue this in norwegian as this is the language … Continue reading

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Agile Conference Smidig2007 a Success

It’s been a time since my last writing. I know it’s a bad excuse, but I’ve had so much to do. I got hired for a project from end of September (still there) and I’ve been very busy preparing the … Continue reading

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Methodology blindess

If you’re not yet using agile methodologies and TDD, please please do, it’s really the way to go. To those of you who does, don’t hide behind it. Don’t get methodology blind! Please stop confusing «do the simplest thing that … Continue reading

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