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The Continuouses

I love creating software! I want to deliver business value efficiently over time. I’ll share my thoughts with you on what it takes to carry out that. This blog post is about continuous processes, which of them I feel are … Continue reading

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De Kontinuerlige

Jeg elsker å lage programvare! Jeg vil levere forretningsverdi effektivt over tid. Jeg ønsker å dele med deg, mine tanker om hva som skal til. Denne bloggposten dreier seg om kontinuerlig prosesser, hvilke jeg føler er viktigst og hva de … Continue reading

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Bamboo, sound, X10 and lamp control script

Code is included in this post! I’ve written a small ruby script for polling a bamboo server for (multiple) build results, playing sounds for success and failure. It even controls lava lamps connected to a AM12 power outlet through a … Continue reading

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