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De Kontinuerlige

Jeg elsker å lage programvare! Jeg vil levere forretningsverdi effektivt over tid. Jeg ønsker å dele med deg, mine tanker om hva som skal til. Denne bloggposten dreier seg om kontinuerlig prosesser, hvilke jeg føler er viktigst og hva de … Continue reading

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Strategies for separating unit and integration tests, using Maven, Eclipse / IDEA, cobertura

What I have Maven2 Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA Fast tests (unit tests) Slow tests (integration tests) Test coverage maven plugin (Cobertura) I wish to run my fast tests (unit tests) from my IDE run my slow test (integration tests) from my IDE … Continue reading

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Bamboo, sound, X10 and lamp control script

Code is included in this post! I’ve written a small ruby script for polling a bamboo server for (multiple) build results, playing sounds for success and failure. It even controls lava lamps connected to a AM12 power outlet through a … Continue reading

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Tests deployed, viewable and runnable for end-users?

My god, eclipse have they’re tests publicly available for you and me to view, and run! I stumbled across this blog in a hopeless hunt for good articles about FitNesse, test data exhaustion -duplication, -hard-coding and other dreadful things. Yes, … Continue reading

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