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Welcome to my space. In this zone, I’m right and you’re wrong.I can say whatever I want and you will not be offended :) This is my free zone, my unfolding space. I write about whatever interests me and sometimes … Continue reading

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Ruby – Secure staging environment of your public app from users and bots

learn about how to activate http header authentication for staging environment. Continue reading

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Spawning Multiple Threads at Heroku Using Parallel

Figure out the whys yourself. Here’s the how! I’ve got the question in the rake task ” Q: Does spawning threads at heroku work? “. Well this is what running the rake task at heroku answered me I ran 4 … Continue reading

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I Love Ruby! Part 1 of ∞? 10.times, run my tests

I had an integration test suite and thought “hmm, I’d like to run rake test ten times and study the logs and New Relic montoring results”. A few seconds later and why not print out the local execution time as … Continue reading

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Working with private RubyGems in Rails 3, deploying to Heroku

Many development projects aren´t open source, they live with other closed-source projects/apps and they get huge. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, you’d like to extract that common and useful functionality you created and share it with other components/apps, just … Continue reading

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Skyen i praksis, smidig2010 skaleres med scrollbar!

Her skal jeg fortelle deg om noe helt fantastisk, som bør forandre synet ditt på IT og hvordan systemer kan lages. er blandt 80000+ webapplikasjoner på heroku. På populært buzznorsk er det cloud computing, eller server i “skyen”. Det … Continue reading

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The Continuouses

I love creating software! I want to deliver business value efficiently over time. I’ll share my thoughts with you on what it takes to carry out that. This blog post is about continuous processes, which of them I feel are … Continue reading

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