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MyWeeklyLinks – #FAIL

Wow, I was into way over my head on this one. Weeks pass fast! Not too many readers either, like 10-15. I gave it a shot, though… Should be more people cooperation on it, but then one may ask; What’s … Continue reading

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MyWeeklyLinks – Week 8

(22nd feb – 28th feb) No updates this week as I was offline at a cabin in the mountains. But I did read Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley. Nice read, I wish I had read it sooner! … Continue reading

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MyWeeklyLinks – Week 7

(15.-21.feb) Lots of great tweets and links this week too! Randomly ordered: @martinfowler Eric Evans explains why encapsulation is for objects not for people OMA: 2 min video. watch it :) @raganwald “Python vs. Ruby: A Battle to The Death” … Continue reading

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MyWeeklyLinks – Week 6

(around 8.feb to 14.feb) There’s been a tremendous number of great articles, posts and tweets this week! How can I possible limit myself to 10 links? Well, that’s my rule, but rules like those are really stupid and counter-productive. Sometimes … Continue reading

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MyWeeklyLinks – Week 5

Starting this week, week 5 of 2010, I’ll be gathering some links I discovered through twitter, facebook, forums and in-your-face talks like a few people still does. The goal is to keep it below 10 links each time. Most of … Continue reading

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