My list of what to take from GOGARUCO

Hi all! I attended one of the awesomestest conferences ever, the gogaruco in San Francisco. Yes, test was a biggie, as always (if you don’t write tests stay far away from my code) and as we get better and more advanced, we learn to treat our tests as first class citizens of the code. We run them more often, keep them KISS, SRP and DRY, while striving to write them even better. So taking it a step further, as Corey Haines does, he shows us how to make our tests run faster. Treat Rails like any 3rd party dependency, stub or mock yourself from it and make integration tests for tying it all together.

This is my #1 take-away and must-see from gogaruco

Corey Haines on making tests in rails fast!

Next up, TenderLooooove and his merry men!

Sit down, put your coffee back on the table and prepare for shock and laughter. Tenderlove (Dr. Aron Patterson) takes on the role of the mad scientist with his experiments as lightning talks (about 5 min each) from various lab rats of his. Ever wondered what makes the ruby community so special? Well, maybe this is it?

(post processing at confreaks is not done, but the the live feed here will do, the commercial only lasts a few sec)

starts from about 1 min into the feed.

Ruby for Kids

This is very different. The future is simple. “Program or be programmed”, iphone, ipad, gaming consoles. You have those who make and those who consume. This video isn’t really about that, I just found it noteworthy. This talk is both a motivational talk and a demonstration and experience report of something real. A program for teaching kids about programming. Having fun and make stuff happen! I truly hope that I get to apply this back home. Need to translate a lot to norwegian first, though, if 8-year olds are to play with it.

4th up. Compass and the rails assets pipeline

The creator of compass does a nice talk about it. He explains about sprockets and the assets. If you’re a little bit confused about it, watch this one!

(not process either, look at the “live feed”) 10min into it.

Thats all folks! For now…

I wanted to post this talk too,  The Problem is your Ruby, by Jeff Casimir It goes back to the basics, but the basics that so many people miss and that costs us way too much money. I totally agree with him, we need to really understand OO, DRY, SRP, law of demeter, modules vs class and so on. When the video is done, I’ll post the link here.

Also, I didn’t get to see these, because of some idiotic stone age american apartment company (like most of these here). I’m doubly upset, as I think these talks were awesome too. When the videos are done, I’ll watch them and post the links here.

(no video yet) Keynote: Writing your own programming language to understand Ruby better, José Valim

(no video yet) Go for the Rubyist: Appropriation of Great Ideas in Ruby, Dave Grijalva

(no video yet) Smalltalk On Rubinius – or How To Implement Your Own Programming Language, Konstantin Haase

I’d like to mention that there where a few talks about http protocol, which exploded my brain. The goliat one too, I can’t think about those talks without feeling small again. Hardcore stuff.

Wrapping up, I’d like to say this was a quality conference in every aspect. Great venue, great speakers and great parties!


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