Personal password managers are GREAT =>

As lastpass saved me for the nth time, helping me remember credentials I hadn’t used for ages, I just feel like promoting it! I’ve been using lastpass for more than a year and I can´t imaging being without them. I guess there are other great password managers out there, feel free to share it in a comment. Now, to the celebration of It’s free, widely available and easy to use!

What do I like the most?

  • Integrates with all big browsers (except opera, it seems), putting a small nice icon in the top right, for quick  and easy access.
  • When logged in to the lastpass extension in your browser, it may store your usernames and password for you, instead of in the less secure browser.
    • This credentials are available to you everywhere. Just go to and retrieve them
  • I may create secure notes. Such as a note containing your application server credentials and details (where do you store those know??), credit card details , and much more!
  • It’s supported on iPhone, android and a huge list of others!
  • You have one master password, to guard with your life! Used at one place only. Enough of the reuse of your password(s) through 100s of places. I recommend using multiple words as master password, so keyloggers on your infected machine won’t pick it up.
  • lastpass may even generate passwords for you and remember them for you. I use this for sites I know I visit using my own computer 99% of the time. (else you would go to and retrieve it, which I am way too lazy to bother doing)

You may even share secure notes with other lastpass users. How do you share your server passwords and other sensitive instructions? I know that there are way to many companies out there, that reuse these extremely sensitiv passwords beyond their context, at multiple servers. Worse, making them easy to remember (and figuring out), such as MyCompany123 or MyApp123. I hope a lot of people freak out know and runs to change the passwords.

lastpass FTW!

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Developer, programmer, entrepreneur. Java, .Net, ruby, rails, agile, lean. Opinionated enthusiast!
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