MyWeeklyLinks – Week 7


Lots of great tweets and links this week too! Randomly ordered:


@debasishg: A good abstraction has the side-effect of making lots of boilerplates disappear .. #higher_level_of_abstraction

@unclebobmartin: Showed a little lisp to my 8yo grandaughter. She “got it” immediately. Now I’m looking for good logo implementations to teach her.


… before I leave for a weeks vacation in the Norwegian mountains, with snowboarding, outdoor hot tub(?), beer and lots of great books(lean, agile coaching, scala, clojure, art of scalability)


From Simple ain’t Easy: Myths and Misunderstandings about Simplicity (one of the bulletins above).

[…] it means that the partial/incremental solution must be easy to subsequently change in order to refine and improve!!!

If I install something that is incomplete with the intent of making it more complete, and if it is very hard/painful to change, then I may end-up with the current-state-of-affairs for a number of IT solutions and business-processes: short-sighted, insufficient solutions that the organization defends, and chooses to suffer and impose on others because they don’t want to suffer the impact of the change that could bring about relief from the suffering they have become accustomed to living with.

This was written in 2006, guys, I’ve been working with cultures like the latter (impossible to change proven bad code, mostly due to lack of will) in 2010. DESIGN/FACILITATE FOR CHANGE, not only because of changing business demand, as in “embrace change”, but as an acknowledgement of your upfront design incapabilities, understanding that you’re acquiring greater knowledge about the problem at hand as you’re developing your solution. Keeping the feedback cycles short (as in agile/lean), getting valuable information on the table, which you may (should) act upon. This is what I, as an agilist, stress to push. It sounds easy, should be easy, but real life proves me that it’s not. Because people are involved, we need agility. Because people are involved, agile is so damn hard.

This turned out to be a rant, I’m sorry about that. Have a beautiful week!


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