MyWeeklyLinks – Week 6

(around 8.feb to 14.feb)

There’s been a tremendous number of great articles, posts and tweets this week! How can I possible limit myself to 10 links? Well, that’s my rule, but rules like those are really stupid and counter-productive. Sometimes a lot happen, other times less, shouldn’t that be taken into consideration?

Below, you’ll see my comments as OMA. On twitter, I am @ole_morten.

This weeks articles, blog posts and such:

  1. Recommend! Why your organisation won’t be agile Attacking mainstream agile. Or, really, the mainstream implementation of agile.
  2. @hnshah tweeted link Don’t Let Good Become the Enemy of Great. /via @gigaom #startup. OMA: Focus on core features( max three), making them great and forget about the rest (at first). Like iPod and gmail.
  3. @Tordf RT @saracogl 10 Most Useful #Java Best Practice Quotes for Java Developers #programming | good list. OMA: I learned something, I bet you will too :)
  4. @KentBeck screencast of a simple example of a fluent api driven by tests from @jitterted OMA: (failed on my mac, but ok on XP). 6 min, nice and simple. I’m gonna refactor some date utility code now…
  5. @olvemaudal RT @geirber: No Scum, No More (via @aptoma) OMA: They’re getting it, what agile really is, that makes me so happy!
  6. @augustl There are a few gems among the HTML5/flash blog posts. OMA: A lot of buzz with HTML5. Noticed the heated debates about the future of Flash? Will html5 and javascript become good enough and easy enough to use to force it to its knees? The comment section is perhaps better than the article itself, if you are really interested.
  7. @anoras HTML5 is a Silverligt/Flash killer: <- Doesn’t work in Opera or IE OMA: not a blog, just a drawing tool implemented in HMTL5 (wikipedia)
  8. @kjetilv In defense of the FactoryFactory (via one of @al3x´s minions) OMA: title”Why I love everything you hate about Java”. This is a great article! At the time of reading, I like the comments too :) I love it when the comments stay on-topic and are reflective. IMO I don’t think twitter would have gotten where they are if they had started up with the technology and factoryfactory solutions they ended up with. And this is the very thing I love, start KISS, then refactor or completely redesign parts of your system to tackle your success. Sorry about this long comment, I had to give this link extra Kudos.
  9. @augustl Test driven JavaScript > ur mom
  10. @jonvold Anbefales! –> @ramyo og @jhannes har blogget om fordommer rundt smidig og brukervennlighet. OMA: Reflektert og bra skrevet, akkurat som man ville forventet fra disse.
  11. @vidar_alvestad Progress matters most (via @KevlinHenney) Ah! That’s why big visible #kanban boards works: It shows progress :D


A few I noted.

@martinfowler OH: Certified Scrum Master ought to be renamed Certified Scrum Novice

@KentBeck if you want a concrete measure of your design skills, port your software. you can’t overlook coupling when it breaks your tests.

@KentBeck make it run, *then* make it right. how many times do i have to tell me?


@javatotto RT @lokling RT @cloveras : Divers (yes!) chasing the Google Streetcar in Norway: Quality! #google #fb

@knut_hamang iGiotaBigAssPocket #ipad

That’s all folks! A little too much maybe, this time. I even left out a lot I wanted to share! I’d be very happy for any tips helping me write this summary better. It feels a bit messy IMO. Use more keywords or categorization? Tables?


About Ole Morten Amundsen

Developer, programmer, entrepreneur. Java, .Net, ruby, rails, agile, lean. Opinionated enthusiast!
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