Downloads of my burndown excel sheet have exceed 400

UPDATE 02nd September 2010: 950 downloads. Preview the burndown and burnup as html here: Please provide feedback! END UPDATE

I’m proud to say that there have been over 400 downloads of the burndown and burnup graph excel sheet I published about a year ago. I didn’t clean up nor explain much, just threw it out there. Download the (unmodified) excel sheet here:

Here is the post I publish about a year ago 18th June 2008

What disappoints me, is that I have received no feedback. NO FEEDBACK!? Why not?

It contained a lot of experimental numbers and formulas, I would guess somebody thought they were strange. I’m sure many of you improved it and tried out. Maybe it’s been mostly managers downloading it, I have feeling this group tend to like being shared stuff, than sharing themselves. Too presumptuous? OK, I’ll watch my step :) I’d like feedback, though. I wish to learn from your experiences, good and bad.

The short story: Struggling to find any nice and simple burndown graphs to help me in a project, I created one myself (late 2007). I started out simple, with a burndown graph on A3 paper, then a simple excel sheet. Then it grew in a on-demand manner, truly agile. A friend liked burnup graphs and I discovered that these were really good at presenting the daily delivery speed, while the burndown was better at illustrating remaining work, scope creep up and chance of success (hitting zero at sprint end).  Of course, I started using both! Further combining a story point burnup in the (task-) burndown graph proved to be most valuable the times we scoped out user stories during the sprint. The scope down was greatly illustrating that fact that we thus delivered less business value (story points).

Along the way, I experimented a lot with numbers and formulas, mostly related to the burndown factor. The objective was to be able to deliver consistently, always committing to the most we could and always delivering what we committed ourselves to. Predictability is valuable to analyse the progress and the likelihood of reaching your deadline half a year, or a year, away. Do you have to modify your triangle? Scope, Resources, Time?

Good luck and thank you for sharing!


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6 Responses to Downloads of my burndown excel sheet have exceed 400

  1. Do you think it would be feasible to convert it into a Gooogle Docs/Graphs kind of thingie? It might get some more traction then :P

  2. Ole Morten says:

    You think so? Interesting thought, but I struggle to imagine how it work in practice. Sharing a google doc with the world? Well, you’re more than welcome to do it!

    Let me add that the xls is perfectly OpenOffice compatible as well.

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  4. Tanvir Ahmed says:

    really nice work. I will surely get back to you with comments later. for now, I have a question which has been discussed quite widely on estimating sprint planning2 into story points instead of hours. what are your thoughts on this? I suppose the same rows such as planned, completed and remaining could be used for story points.

    if you can share an updated version of the same; that will be great.


  5. I was trying to download the burnup template and it gives me a 404 error. Is this still available?

  6. Ole Morten Amundsen says:

    ouch. sorry, it’s gone with the server. I didn’t like it anymore in any case, but I do apologize for it now being unavailable

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