Eclipse keyboard shortcuts or shortkeys

I’m not gonna excuse my shortkeys. Or did I just do that? Here are some Eclipse shortcuts that I use regularily and some that I keep forgetting as I don’t use them…

Shortkey Function and Description
¤¤¤ ctrl+1 Suggest Fix (TDD tool)
¤ ctrl + shift + i Inspect
¤ alt + ↑ ↓ Move selected lines up or down
¤ alt + shift + L Extract local variable
¤ alt + shift + M Extract method
alt + shift + X, t Run as test
¤ alt + (shift +) k Find next match of marked text in file, up/down.
¤¤ ctrl + (shift +) 7 Comment/uncomment
¤ ctrl +d Delete line
ctrl + o Outline
¤ ctrl + (shift+) T Open Type
¤ ctrl + shift + R Open Resource
¤ ctrl + shift + G Find all references
¤ ctrl + shift + O Organize imports
¤ ctrl + shift + F Format
(ctrl +) F11 Run or debug last test
ctrl + shift + Y/X UPPERCASE or lowercase marked text
New! ctrl + shift + L List all shortcuts. Find your own!

Now you propably know more than me… Please inform me of my lackings!


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3 Responses to Eclipse keyboard shortcuts or shortkeys

  1. a1979shakedown says:

    You can find a wealth of information in the Eclipse Help section (in Eclipse), particularly a gargantuan list of all these keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Ole Morten says:

    Yes, you’re right. This list is supposed to be small and show which are my favourites. I hope someone would tell me if there’s a keyboard shortcut that should be amongst my favourites! :)

  3. Tommy Ryen says:


    A few other keyboard-shortcuts immediately comes into my mind:

    Alt+Shift+S, V – Override/Implement Methods…
    Alt+Shift+S, R – Generate Getters and Setters… (although not to be used headlessly:))
    Alt+Shift+D, T – Debug JUnit Test
    Alt+Shift+R – Refactor –> Rename
    F3 – Open Declaration (With marker on for instance another Class)
    Alt + ← → – Back and Forward

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