Tests deployed, viewable and runnable for end-users?

My god, eclipse have they’re tests publicly available for you and me to view, and run!

I stumbled across this blog in a hopeless hunt for good articles about FitNesse, test data exhaustion -duplication, -hard-coding and other dreadful things.

Yes, eclipse foundation has executable tests in production. You may view the testflow (and workflow) in the swim framework. Swim impresses me (see eclipse swim pdf). Seems a bit crazy at first, but they’ve got to be doing something right in their testing (and test process) when they can have such automatic tests running in production . See the test result for eclipses election of committers and be stunned!

I’m not the only one curios about this. Repeated, here’s the blog post that I stumbled upon, here

Hope I get to try it, things always tend to look better than they are…


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