Spring’s back

And summer is coming closer! I’ve been sitting on the porch, reading newspapers, enjoying the sun and eating tons of ice cream. Fantastic! Thought this was a post about the Spring Framework? I’ll save that for later. After using Spring, JPA/Hibernate, hsqldb, FitNesse, jetty and oracle db in my last project I’ve got several drafts for this blog. I’m a bit of coward sometimes, postponing to publish my articles until they’re perfect, which is the only thing they’re never gonna be! Soon I’ll post what I’ve been working on about TDD in Spring/Hibernate environments. I think it’ll be valuable writings for the reader, it’s certainly made me a better test-driven developer! I’ve also got drafts about FitNesse, hsqldb, burndown/-up, Continuous Integration Lamp Control script for Bamboo, for some. As always, I’ve got lots of free time and little to do in my projects ;) But as I am posting this I’m committed and there’s now other option than to follow up and deliver!

Yes, spring’s back! This years qualifications for the Norwegian National Championship (NM) in football (soccer) is over. My team, 3.div club Mysen, has qualified and we’ve been so lucky as to draw the top league (eliteserien) team Fredrikstad! Follow updates at www.mysenfotball.no. I’m a winger and this is one of my many dreams coming true. I’ll be playing Raymond Kvisvik, Tarek Elyounoussi, Casey Wehrmann, amongst others! That’s comparable to competing with Jeff Sunderland, Mike Cohn and Tom Gilb in an agile/scrum contest! We’re welcoming Fredrikstad at our home pitch in Mysen, an hour south of Oslo, a small community with about 5600 citizens. Between us and Fredrikstad there are two divisions, 1.div(Adeccoligaen) and 2.div (the lowest division is 8.div). The 1st round of the cup is considered a walk over for the elite-teams meeting 3.div teams, but it’s loads of fun!

Sted: Mysen Idrettspark
Dato: Mandag 12. mai
Kampstart: 18:00

This is a real folkefest and you’re all invited to join in! Now my norwegian-english even contains norwegian words ;)


About Ole Morten Amundsen

Developer, programmer, entrepreneur. Java, .Net, ruby, rails, agile, lean. Opinionated enthusiast!
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One Response to Spring’s back

  1. ketiljensen says:

    Good luck with the qualfication against Fredrikstrad Ole Morten:)

    Looking forward to read your articles


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