Agile Conference Smidig2007 a Success

It’s been a time since my last writing. I know it’s a bad excuse, but I’ve had so much to do. I got hired for a project from end of September (still there) and I’ve been very busy preparing the Smidig2007 conference.

Smidig is Norwegian for agile. It went really well, I learned a lot and had lots of fun. It was held 27. and 28. November and had over 20 equally aligned sponsors, 260 participants, 86 lightning talks and a 100 open space groups. We wanted to profile the conference as a community of the agile movement of Norway. We were 13 people behind it and really appreciated all the enthusiasm, skepticism and reflections made by the highly active participants.

I had a lightning talk myself “Synlighet – Bidrar til økt produktivitet, fokus og motivasjon i team og prosjekt” (Visibility – Leads to increased productivity, focus and motivation in the team) which is all about all the visual elements one may introduce in a Agile/Scrum/XP environment. Such as Scrum-board, waste snake, retrospectives, post-its with color codes etc. I showed lots of pictures. You may find it here

I’ve been asked to do the lightning talk at SW2008 in February as well. I’m flattered and looking forward to meet yet another group of enthusiastic IT people.


About Ole Morten Amundsen

Developer, programmer, entrepreneur. Java, .Net, ruby, rails, agile, lean. Opinionated enthusiast!
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