Linq, writing sql in C# ?

27.aug I attended MSDN Live in Oslo. Although mainly a java and open source developer, I’ve worked with ASP.NET 2.0. I used Visual Studio 2005 and web parts, so I do have, if not a leg, at least a few toes in the .Net world as well.

There are some very good things coming with .Net 3.5 and C# 3.0. And the Linq is amongst the best. The introduction of SQL-like syntax in the OO-language first made me sick, but really it’s quite ingeniously the more I think about it. My objective as a programmer is to write easily read, maintainable, and testable code. Now I’m ashamed of my first reaction. Ashamed.

Try writing the following code object-oriented!

IEnumerable<MyClass> result =
from myClass in collection1
where property1 > criteria1
orderby property2 descending
select myClass

Probably looks messy if you are unfamiliar with writing with such a syntax. But if you reflect on the alternative, you’d have to use collections, comparators, ifs, loops and temporary containers. This is beautiful!

Linq is also a persistence API, which looks great as well, but that’s beyond what I wanted to emphasize here.

Scott Guthrie has written a lot about Linq to Sql. Read his blog for in deep examples and exploit the possibilities!


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One Response to Linq, writing sql in C# ?

  1. follesoe says:

    Hi Ole Morten,

    Glad you liked the presentation, and that you managed to look past the “what the hell is SQL syntaxt doing in my C# code” feeling! And congrats with the new blog :-)

    Best regards,

    Jonas Follesø

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