Finally, I’m a blogger! (for better or for worse)

As I currently have a lot of free time on my hands, I’m finally able to start my too-longly-planned blog. I’ll give my best to keep it short and concise, while writing enough to make it worth while reading!

When reading about or trying out a new product, every professional immediately makes up his personal opinion, with pros and cons. This applies to books, articles and work processes/methodologies encountered, as well. That’s exactly what I’ll try to capture in this blog. My highly subjective opinion. What else might I offer? Don’t be alarmed, I consider myself pragmatic and reflective. Please do provide your professional comments! Probably you’ll catch my interest and have me reading and commenting my blog as well!


About Ole Morten Amundsen

Developer, programmer, entrepreneur. Java, .Net, ruby, rails, agile, lean. Opinionated enthusiast!
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