Book: Integration Patterns

This 400p Microsoft 2004 book covers patterns and practices of system integration. The chapters are fairly independent. As long as you know the terms of integration patterns and solution, you may start reading at any chapter. I chose this book as an entry to learn integration, as preparation to a project, integrating for a financial solution. The book covers something amazingly similar, a Global Bank scenario. As a Microsoft book it, obviously, has chosen Biztalk Server in their code examples and deep dives. But hey! it works. The principles are still the same and terms/patterns as Gateway, Message Brokers, Message Bus, Pipes and Filters and Publish/Subscribe, are thoroughly described.

The Integration Topologies chapter of the book, bravely tries to compare the topologies of integration to a logical topologies and further down to physical topologies. This really didn’t work out for me at all.

Over all, the Global Bank scenario provides a very good example for learning integration, combining different patterns to a complete solution.

On a scale from 1 to 6, I must say… very good! :)

Read more at Microsoft Integration Practices and Patterns


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