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Welcome to my space. In this zone, I’m right and you’re wrong.I can say whatever I want and you will not be offended :)

This is my free zone, my unfolding space. I write about whatever interests me and sometimes I just like to share something I learned or discovered. The posts are mostly english, but some are in Norwegian when that’s natural. Any feedback is welcome!

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Fixed position for table header when scrolling the page

We have made some very complex tables as part of a project to replace some excel spreadsheet. I must admit, Excel is a worthy adversary. Think of all the flexibility it provides! Functions, adding columns, merging and splitting rows, styling and more. We have replaced only a subset of this functionality.

In this post is a solution to a major problem we had when our tables grew too big. The client wanted the headers to stick. Sounds simple, no? Well, it was h… We’ve learned a thing or too about html and table thead and tbody. Luckily for you, we have wrapped the solution in a single javascript file for you to include. Just add our handles (css classes) to your table and thead and trigger the plugin.

Se a live example here:

Download the source code from:

And vote for the answer at stackoverflow to give it more attention, and if you like it! HTML table with fixed headers?

I hope you like it!

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Rubykurs i Norge – Ruby er entreprenørspråket!

Ruby er entreprenørspråket, team på 1-3 personer gründer firma og produkter på rekordtid. Med Ruby optimerer du over utviklingstid og -ressurser. Med Rails bygger du fullverdige webapplikasjoner i en fei og med skyen er du rede til å ta enorme mengder trafikk, fra start. Du deployer først gratis rubyserver på Heroku, beveger deg så ut derfra ettersom suksessen øker, til Rackspace, Engine Yard, Amazon EC2 eller egen hardware-park. Continue reading

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2011 – informasjonens og rettferdighetens år!

Dette er et dypere og personlig innlegg, svært ulikt min vanlige programmeringsblogg.

Folkeopprøret for rettferdighet i Tunisia hadde en enorm smitteeffekt; Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Jemen,… og nå Russland. og kina?…

Det begynner endelig å gå opp for meg hvor stort 2011 har vært… så langt det er mulig for en nordmann. Ja, for hvilke knagger har jeg å henge disse inntrykkene på?

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Pros and cons: In-House Servers vs Cloud Computing

Excerpt : Why and when In-house, Cloud (amazon aws, rackspace, heroku) ?  Here I am presenting a thorough ‘pros and cons list’ to help people understand the differneces, strenghts and weaknesses.

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My list of what to take from GOGARUCO

Hi all! I attended one of the awesomestest conferences ever, the gogaruco in San Francisco. Yes, test was a biggie, as always (if you don’t write tests stay far away from my code) and as we get better and more advanced, we learn to treat our tests as first class citizens of the code. We run them more often, keep them KISS, SRP and DRY, while striving to write them even better. So taking it a step further, as Corey Haines does, he shows us how to make our tests run faster. Treat Rails like any 3rd party dependency, stub or mock yourself from it and make integration tests for tying it all together.

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Kontinuerlige leveranser – noen enkle spørsmål

Dette er en kort oppfølging til mitt mer omfattende innlegg om De kontinuerlige, (juni 2010). Kontinuerlige leveranser (kontinuerlig prodsetting/Continuous Deployment) er selve kjernen i kontinuerlige prosesser (slik jeg ser på smidige metoder). De er som den en ringen som binder dem alle sammen – unntatt den delen med ondskap.

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Intervju av intervjueren i mineverktø – Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson

Jeg har intervjuet intervjueren og latt ham svare på sine egne spørsmål. Dette er spørsmålene jeg stilte ham:

Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson

Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson

Hva er

Hvorfor startet du

Hvordan ser ut om ett år (mai 2012)?

Hva vil du svare på dine egne spørsmål?

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